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Staff: you can work on your reading lists, but use this advice!

The link between LibrarySearch and Readinglists@kent is not working at the moment. You can continue to check, edit and publish your lists for the library to buy books for the Autumn Term.

If you need to add books - for now, please bookmark from bookseller and publisher websites (such as Blackwells, Amazon or OUP) until further notice. Check this full list of websites you can bookmark from.

If you need to add journal articles - visit the page for the article on the publisher's website to boomkark it (this can often be reached through LibrarySearch).

Please be assured that we are working hard to restore the Reading List service to full functionality, and will let you know when the link to LibrarySearch is working. If you need assistance, please contact Helpdesk or your librarian.

If a 2017/18 list for a module you teach is not showing on your 'My Lists' page, you can add it by opening the list and clicking on the 'Add to My Lists' box in the top right corner.

If your module is based at Canterbury or Tonbridge, please visit